Maker Lab Programs in September

Because I need to get this going, here’s what we’re doing in September in the Maker Lab at Georgetown:

Vinyl Cutting and Sewing 1o1: Personalized Tote Bags


We have a Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter and sewing machines so in the interest of using multiple pieces of equipment, we have this class. We make a very simple, lined tote bag one night and then the next night we use the vinyl cutter and software to make a design or use simple text to personalize the tote bag. It’s a lot of fun and it teaches the equipment, measurement, planning, scaling, and design.


CNC Milling 101


This is actually a very easy class. The only problem I have is Othermachine hasn’t gotten .svg onto the list of files it will use yet. Luckily they have the letters on Instructables that will work with Otherplan. For one dogtag it actually doesn’t take that long since each letter takes 30 seconds or less to engrave on the tag. It’s cool to see the machine work and teaches coordinate mapping, measurement and machine use.


Ardunio: How to Make Your Own Sketches


This class is a little more tech heavy than what I normally do, but I’m trying to get patrons in our area more interested in Arduino. It seems we’ll run the class for a full month and only the first two classes will have people, but the rest won’t. We’ll see if it happens with this one. We talk about some core principles of coding, play around with them a little bit and then try to write our own code. We try writing the Blink sketch, play around with adding components to a temperature sensor and work with servomotors. It teaches coding and circuitry.


3D Printing 101


The bread and butter of the Maker Lab. 3D Printing 101 remains the most popular class in the Maker Lab and generally has one of the highest attendance rates. We talk about the 3D printer, use TinkerCAD to design a personalized key chain and then print it out during the class. It teaches designing in a 3D space, equipment use, measurement and scaling, conversion and (to a certain degree) patience.

Are you in the area and want to sign up? Do it here!

Here’s links to some of the stuff that was mentioned above:

Tote Bag Tutorial

Instructables Tutorial with Letter Download Files




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