First Foam Head Puppet


This weekend I worked on a foam head puppet for the first time.

Here’s with eyes and mouth plate in.

The first row of hair.

Not done yet, but I ran out of straight pins. This week I plan on sewing on what I’ve got so far.

Clearly it’s not done yet, but already I’ve learned quite a bit. Things like:

  • Hot glue works to a degree, but it also takes awhile and a lot of glue to get it to bond.
  • Mouth plate in first, then felt, and then fleece.
  • Half inch foam= Awesomeness!
  • Small scissors may actually work best for cutting.

I will give this one a body. This week the priority is to sew down the hair. Hopefully this won’t take as long as it did to lay it down. Even though this one isn’t perfect it’s been so much fun to build and a great learning experience for my next one.


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